We are a Registered Red Angus operation located approximately 90 miles east of Denver, Colorado or about half way between Sterling and Limon, Colorado.  We live in the short grass country of Eastern Colorado where large cattle do not work without a lot of supplemental feed. We are a family owned and operated operation. Most everything that is done on the ranch is done by us. We have no hired men or cooperator herds, our cattle are raised by us and worked by us. We have great pride in doing or job of raising quality cattle that can help our customers.  Our cattle graze dryland pastures the majority of the year.  We turn out on summer pasture the middle of May and bring them home in the fall.  They utilize winter pasture until they near calving, when they are brought in closer to home.

Our cow size averages in the 1,200 lb. to 1,300 lb. range on mature cows and all cows are expected to breed back on time and wean a good calf.  We cull on convenience traits first and foremost.  We want our cows to be as sound as possible, as their bull calves are the future of your cow herd.  Our replacement heifers are not pushed for high gains, they are raised at the least cost possible, we let them gain on summer grass.  We feel this practice helps eliminate the cattle that can’t work in a low input environment.  No preferential treatment is given for young or old cows, once they are a bred heifer, they run with cows of all ages.  At times we lose a cow that we thought was really good by doing things this way; but in reality, she must not have been that good in our environment or she would have survived the cut.  We have seen the amount of cattle that couldn’t make the cut decrease over the years due to consistent culling practices.

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The base of our Red Angus cow herd got it’s start from Beckton and Boot Jack genetics.  We have added cows through the years from Milk Creek Reds and those cattle had a Boot Jack base as well.  Our Red Angus cattle are selected to work for us and our customers.  They are typically easy calving cattle that have enough performance, have excellent udders, good feet and are easy to work around.  We believe in selecting cattle to work in a range setting regardless of their EPD’s or pedigree.  The majority of our cattle will trace to BJR Gambler 027, a bull we purchased in 2001.  We like to see him at least once in a pedigree, as the cows have worked very well for us.  Our operation is fairly unique, as we mainly use our own herd bulls instead of the newest, hottest AI sire on the block.  Our herd is an outcross to much of the breed, we have very little Cherokee Canyon, no animals trace to Black Angus bulls GAR Precision 1680 or Mytty In Focus and we have very few Canadian pedigrees. Through the years we have increased the amount of Buffalo Creek influence in our cows and have recently begun adding many pedigrees tracing to one of the best foundations of maternal Red Angus cattle, Beeby Red Angus. We will continue to focus on traditional Red Angus cattle that are able to thrive in a harsh environment, have outstanding maternal characteristics, and have generations of calving ease bred in, while still having adequate growth.




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